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About a year ago, I wrote an article — The Ultimate Guide to On-Prem Kubernetes, that focused on deploying a Kubernetes cluster from scratch in a VMware private cloud with Terraform and Ansible automation.

While the guide is still up to date, and results in a healthy Kubernetes cluster, it is rather complicated and requires VMware Enterprise products to work correctly.

From extensive testing, I have found some issues with typical on-prem Kubernetes deployments:

Predicting the Future using Physics

Normally, I write about IT, computer science and computing in general. A few days ago, however, a theory came to me that I feel inclined to share with the community.

A bit of a disclaimer before we continue: I am in no way an astrophysicist, my education is in computer science and engineering. Any thoughts on this subject, for the most part are pure theory. However, most scientific theories start out in this raw format anyway and are then reviewed by the scientific community.

So, before we go into it, a bit of context: I…

Why you SHOULD Put Work Resources On Your Personal Phone

Comodo MDM

There are a lot of articles out there telling bring your own device (BYOD) users to remove anything work related from their personal devices. Not only are these articles being written by non-technological, privacy centered individuals, but often the advice provided by them is inaccurate.

I’m here to separate myth and fiction from fact. I have administered mobile device management (MDM) systems for both iOS and Android devices in multiple enterprise environments, using multiple tools and multiple vendors.

These days, many MDM vendors provide solutions that have various special features and management options, but almost all of these system have…

So far in my IT career, I have worked in or done work for several chemical plants and factory locations. These locations all had very different operations, procedures, culture, and people. However, the one thing that was the same throughout all of these locations was the security culture and technology, or lack of it.

Usually, the places I have worked at are all owned by large, multi-national energy or manufacturing companies, and all of these have a corporate environment. In most of these places, IT is managed top-down in a waterfall fashion. …

Gray Hats: We use the shadows to spread the light.

This article was something that I wrote back in school while taking a cybersecurity class. It describes an attack where a threat actor (a gray hat) gains access to a Windows IIS server and steals a file. I have done this attack many times during my work as a penetration tester. Here are the inter-workings of that attack.

Note: This attack was preformed on a customer system with consent from the customer. This article is for educational purposes only.

Network security is a topic I have dealt with for a long time and is also something that very much interests…

While I have dealt with many network nightmare scenarios, ranging from simple switch port errors that cascaded throughout a stack, failed power systems causing widespread outages, and even some disaster recovery / business continuity scenarios, the network nightmare I will talk about here is one of the longest lasting and most widespread one I have seen in a long time.

There have been maintenance or network issues that have taken down more devices, however this was one of the stranger ones I have seen. Sort of a perfect storm scenario.


This occurred in an SOHO (small office home office) environment…

If you work with or have worked with, Kubernetes, chances are you have come across some of the issues described here.

It happens to the best of us: you come into the office on a Monday, your NMS is all in the red, your Kubernetes cluster nodes are dead and your load balancer is broken.

I’m here to save you some time with the troubleshooting process by going over common issues that I have seen in my own deployments.

I run a lot of development and bleeding-edge code and always like to experiment with new ways of deploying Kubernetes nodes…

When I first dove into Kubernetes back in early 2018, I wondered why anyone would use such a complex (and expensive) service when there are many other ways to host applications such as Vmware products an Hyper-V. …

Pavel Glukhikh

I am a senior solution architect and CEO of two tech startups. I enjoy all things tech, security, and physics. My background is in security and CI/CD.

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